4 ways to make sales quickly as an android app developer!
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You are an android app developer who has crazy and amazing ideas when it comes to mobile apps. You have developed some of those ideas into working apps, and now you want to sell them. It is not difficult nowadays to sell your android app and make money. Here are 4 ways you can make sales quickly as an android app developer:

1. Brokerage: Using a brokerage company like Appbusinessbrokers will help you sell your app quickly. This company will value your business and ensure completion of all paperwork for ownership. It matches your app with prequalified buyers to sell it quickly and efficiently.

2. Independent: Using websites like Apptopia helps you to sell the permissions to your Android app independently. It has an Ebay like system, where you list your app and bidders can bid to buy it.

3. Google Android Market: Most android phones have access to this. This is one of the best ways to sell your app to the world.

4. Appia: Appia is an amazing option when it comes to supplying your app to app stores like Handango and Pocketgear. You can get more downloads through this than through the traditional android market.

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